What should I pack for motorcycle camping

We just came back from 4 days trip in Lithuania, during which we slept in tents. There were two of us, me and Daranius. We rode our Transalp (XL600V) and AfricaTwin (XRV70) motorcycles.
While we can pack lot of stuff in the car, we cannot pack it all on motorcycle. So it took us some time to figure what are most important things and what will be unnecessary weight on motorcycle.
Finally, we left with this gear:

Tent. We decided to take two tents to have some private space. One bigger tent would save some weight.
Sleeping mat. It would be could without it.
Sleeping bag.

Jumper. Simple light jumper. I wore it at night, because it was cold.
Paints. Light cotton pants.
Socks. One pair.
T-shirt. Simple cotton t-shirt. One additional t-shirt is enough as you can wash it in the evening. I dried them by putting under cargo straps next day. Dark ones dries faster. If whether is rainy, then it might a problem to dry them up this way. It might need to take more t-shirts in this case.
Underwear. Same as t-shirts. While drying, put them under t-shirts in public areas 😀
Shoes. Light freetime shoes. You will want to take those moto boots off in the evening.

Helmet. Don’t forget it 🙂
Neck warmer. Also works as sun protection for your head when helmet is off.
Body armor.
Jacket. Also used it for cold evening.
Long socks. Same as with t-shirts.
Rain clothes.

Cooking pot. Small 2L cooking pot which I made myself from stainless steel food storage can and bycicle brake cable.
Bowl. Bigger cup could replace it.
Stove. I used wooden gas stove made from two cans. I requires dry wood and good cover from wind. Alternatives are gas stove or simple camp fire.

Tool kit. Advantage is to ride similar or same manufacturer bikes as bolts and tubes are same size.
Combo tire lever/wrench tools 17mm and 24mm. Made them from 24mm and 17mm wrenches.
Tube repair kit. Patch, glue and sandpaper.
Tubes R17 and R21. Tube repair kit will not help if valve is ripped off.
Pump. 12v pump from any supermarket. Plastic covers should be removed to save some space.
Small vice grip. Can be used as gear shiter or brake/clutch lever.
Small sharp nose pliers. Used them to pull out spike from tire.
Spark plug tool.
Hex bits 5mm and 6mm.
Wrench 14-17.
Wrench 10-12.
Wrench 8mm.
Sockets 8mm and 10mm.
Screwdriver + and -.
Valve fishing tool. Made it from bicycle brake cable and old valve.
Electric tape.
Dcut tape.
Zip ties.
Electric wire. 2 meters.
Chain lube.

Toothpaste and brush.
Towel. Small one. Dried same way as t-shirts.

Insects repellent.
Wounds washing fluid.
Sterile gauze pad.
Disposable gloves.
Small scissors.
Safety pin.

We did not take plaster or bandage, because duct tape or cargo belts can be used instead.

Wood saw. Small foldable saw.
Tarp. Used it to cover bikes at night. Also can be used to cover camp if it is raining.
Powerbank and cables. To charge the phone, cam or other electronics during the night.


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